About Mystical Human

Mystical Human Yoga School is a dharma, or service to humanity. Through education and training we uplift individuals and support them on the path of self-exploration and empowerment. The Human organism is the most advanced technology known to man. On average 90% of our mind and DNA is dormant. This means we have not even come close to actualizing our highest potential. In order to actualize and awaken the remaining 90% of our potential during Dwarpa Yuga* it takes energy education and training. Energy, Chi, Prana, Bio Energy, Shakti, Kundalini, etc. are synonymous.




Our Philosophy

At Mystical Human we are dedicated to education and training with the intention of helping people gain skills and understanding that will enable them to live conscious happy healthy lives. The teachings are a re-working of cross cultural wisdom traditions and esoteric practices.

“Love is the absence of judgement.”

- Dalai Lama

The Dream Team


Aaron Erickson "Aaronanda" is an internal arts enthusiast and mystic. Aaron has devoted his life to being a full-time healing arts teacher and spiritual leader. Since 1998, Aaron has been sharing his teaching and healing gifts. Aaron has been hands on with, trained, and educated tens of thousands of individuals. Some of his expertise includes neuromuscular therapy, many types of yoga, thai yoga massage, breath coaching, chi kung, fitness, cleansing protocols, nutrition, internal arts, meditation, and science of life education. In late 2012, after years of being immersed in his work, Aaron retreated to the mountains and meditated with the inquiry, "What am I to do with all of these teachings?" Out of the silence of his inner being there was an intuitive flashing forth of insight. This was the birth of Mystical Human and since 2013 he has been manifesting this vision. He believes we are here on Earth for two reasons; to enjoy the experience of life, and to contribute towards manifesting heaven on Earth through sharing our gifts, talents and being in service to the whole. Aaronanda loves extreme sports like kitesurfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, scuba diving, sky diving, and more. His work and play revolve around family, friends, and community. Aaron lives a clean and healthy lifestyle and appreciates travel, nature, and adventures. He loves ecstatic dance, playing his didgeridoo, and learning new things. You could say Aaronanda has a zest for life and loves to celebrate!


Kyoung has been in the dance industry, teaching and competing, for almost 20 years, 10 of which she had her own studio. Kyoung is a talented organizer and manager, during her studio ownership, she had more than 11 instructors working for her and one of the highest student retention ratios in the US, which put her among the most successful female dance instructors in the northern hemisphere. More recently, Kyoung transitioned towards private teaching. This allows more personal attention and time to individually take her students to competitions and performances.  Kyoung began dancing in South Korea, where she learned Korean Traditional Dance followed by classical and ballroom dance. She believes “dancing is fun, and it's very difficult to make look effortless.” To deal with this dilemma, Kyoung has developed some simple teaching techniques. Kyoung has licenses and certifications in personal training, acupuncture, aerobic, and ballroom dance.  She has B.A. in history and Economics an M.B.A. and fluent in Korean and English.   Her yoga practice started at a very early age, and teaching yoga classes began in 2009. She became a certified yoga instructor in 2014 and began managing the Mystical Human School yoga program in 2016.

Want to train with us?

Interested in learning more about our 8 Disciplines? Looking to expand your knowledge around mind, body, spirit technology? Want to improve the quality of your life and create new and beautiful experiences in your reality? If so, check out our upcoming events and get involved!